Saturday, June 10, 2017

Adam West passed away

Growing up everyday after school, my brother and I would hurry home to see reruns of the 60’s Batman.

The caped crusader was one of our favorite DC Comic heroes, and he was played by the extremely talented Adam West. Yesterday, Adam West passed away at the age of 88 from Leukemia.
My daughter first experienced Adam West in The Fairly Odd Parents where he played “Catman”. Although, he brought many characters to life. He has portrayed Wild Bill Hitchok and Doc Holiday in the Westerns, as well as appearing on Perry Mason and starring in the Outer Limits.
West was in other DC Comic shows such as The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour, Tarzan and the Super 7, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, and The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.
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Later West has appeared on News Radio and Murphy Brown. I’ve enjoyed his guest spots on The George Lopez Show and The King of Queens.
Adam West, you will surely be missed.