Tuesday, June 11, 2013

it works

shut down, too bad

The comedy stylings of George Takei

George Takei (original Mr Sulu from Star Trek) left this customer review for the Kirk/Spock salt and pepper shakers on Amazon...

After Brad got me this set, I realized that they were a bit TOO true to life. The Kirk shaker kept wandering off in search of "lady shakers," insisting his salt crystals were real dilithium. I'd have recommended this as a great Father's Day gift, but I noticed over time that the body of the shaker droops, and the uniform now seems, well, a bit snug. I also was disappointed to learn that the hair piece does NOT come off as expected. One star off my marks for that.

Plus, the Spock shaker kept trying to rescue the Kirk shaker, even after it crawled in the microwave and was irradiated beyond repair. And while Spock's magnetic pull with Kirk is strong, it seems to much prefer the Uhura unit. I literally had to pry them apart, admonishing, "Alright, you've pon far enough."

This incident also made me realize that I must be in the alternate tableware timeline.